Monster of the Week: Campaign One


Character Sheets and Fan Art

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Lord Joshua Fowler (Joss)

Joss is a “spooky”, played by Mike. He’s 27 and the twin brother of Jos (played by Gabi). He’s from Great Britain and carries a gun AND a big knife! Look out! He was last seen escaping from a mental institution via very violent means, wherein he’d met French (played by Daniel).

French Dutch

French is a flakey 17-year-old who can’t seem to stop getting himself into trouble, played by Daniel. He’s the nephew of Piers (played by Cole) and was last seen in a mental institution with Joss (played by Mike). He was introduced to the paranormal by his childhood babysitter, Jos (played by Gabi).



Joscelyn Elizabeth Kel

“Jos” is a spellslinger and the twin of Joss (played by Mike). They are from Great Britain and once baby-sat French (played by Daniel). They are 27, stylish, and looking for their on-again/off-again love interest, Lucy, played by Whitney. They have an enchanted duster which protects them from harm, and an heirloomed sword that they wear mostly because it looks so cool.

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Piers Farside

Piers is an expert, but we all knew that, played by Cole. He’s 45 and the uncle of French (played by Daniel). He’s been a mentor to Jos (played by Gabi) . He’s part fairy and is usually found within one of his many libraries.



Lucy is a divine…something. No one really knows, except Whitney, who plays her. And she’s not talking. She comes into the world as an ethereal creature with starry eyes and a calm sensibility. She believes in her mission above all else, which has caused some issues when encountering Joss (played by Mike) and Jos (played by Gabi). She has a strong attraction to Jos, which she doesn’t completely understand, and her interactions with all the other mortals are just as confusing and frustrating. She really just wants to get her mission completed.