Episode 2: Pancakes (The Easy Way!)

Because we had two very special guests with us, we went about baking in a bit of a cheat mode: with Bisquick! You can find their recipes on their boxes and their website, though we did change it up by adding a warm egg and my 3-second vanilla pour. However, the pictures below made it worth the cheating! Check back in 2 weeks for an actual home-made pancake recipe.

This is the “oatmeal” part of the process! You really don’t want it to look like oatmeal. Make sure you get out all the lumps.


Ain was not interested in stirring, but Ebron loved helping out!


Daniel was right! He saw the perfect number of bubbles. This is the exact coloring you want on your pancakes!


The finished product! Along with turkey sausage links and cheesey scrambled eggs.


Ain says, “Dip, dip. Dip, dip!” Into the no-sugar-added applesauce.


Ebron agrees that the applesauce is a perfect topping.


After breakfast, the boys had to verify that the audio was worthwhile. Daniel and I agree that spending time with them was worth every moment of poor audio.

See you all in two weeks!