Episode 12: Blueberry Compote, Food Coloring, Latticework

Pies have the best fillings: fruit, custard, meringue, chocolate, ice cream, etc. Cole’s favorite filling is blueberries, so we’re going to tell you how to make a really flavorful blueberry compote. What’s great about a compote is that it can be canned (more on that next month!) and used in pancakes, on ice cream, in muffins, and all kinds of other foods! This is a very versatile meal component and can be made with any kind of fruit. If you’ve tried any other compotes, let us know: monsterinmystomach@gmail.com.


4 cups blueberries (we used fresh, frozen is fine)

1/4 cup sugar (completely optional!)

1/4 lemon juice (approximately one freshly squeezed lemon)

1/4 cup basil


No special tools here! Just a saucepan and a spoon. Just dump everything together into a saucepan and boil until it’s the liquididity you want! Done!


This is how I like it. Plenty of tasty liquid, but lots of blueberries still to pop in your mouth. When it’s done, just dump it into your pie pan and onto the latticework!


We added just a little bit of blue food coloring (we use the Wilton gel food coloring) to half of our remaining pie dough from last time. While being careful not to dye our hands we worked it in, then rolled out the dough into a long strip. Using a pizza cutter, we cut the one long strip into four smaller strips and laid them onto the top of the compote. With the non-dyed half of dough, we repeated the process and then wove them together (not really.)


This is an incredibly easy thing to do, and it looks so pretty when you’re done! Once you’ve woven everything in per our instructions on the podcast, bake the pie for 8 minutes at 375 degrees. Then you’re done!

Do you have tips or tricks on pie fillings or toppings? Tweet at us! @monsterinmysto1

And enjoy this fabulous end of summer treat.