Episode 5: Pate Sucree

Pate Sucre (pronounced “paht soo-cray”) is a pastry crust similar in texture and flavor to a sugar cookie and is often used as base for fruit pies, frangipane tarts, and other similar pastries. It’s not a flaky crust and is thicker than the crusts we Americans are accustomed to at Thanksgiving dinner. That’s what makes it such a treat! Happy Belated Mother’s Day; let’s dive in!

All Your Ingredients Need To Be At Room Temperature


All-purpose flour

Powdered Sugar



Vanilla Extract


Here are all the ingredients! Can you figure out the measurements needed?


Today’s special tools are a stand mixer (you can use a hand mixer, but a stand mixer guarantees a better consistency) with the paddle attachment, cling wrap, and a sifter.


The butter, in full stick form!


All creamy! NOW! THIS IS IMPORTANT You want to sift together your SALT and your SUGAR at this step! THEN ADD THAT TO THE BUTTER. Please don’t do what we did! Please!


Here is our crumbly mess! If yours looks like this, you did it wrong, like we did! But don’t worry! The ending is a sweet surprise!


These are our tools for the second part of making the pate sucree. (Yes, that IS a cup full of dry rice!)


Once you’ve added in your flour and mixed it, you want to take it out of the bowl and lay it on a lightly floured surface. You will then squish it into a disk, like this one! This disk shape helps you when you go to roll it out, after it’s chilled. When the time comes to roll it out, use the same floured surface and roll your rolling pin through the flour before you try to roll out your dough.

Also, we lost the picture of our dough all rolled out, but you can see the thickness in the picture below.


After making it all pretty, blind bake your crust in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Line the inside of your pie crust with parchment paper, then pour in your weights: rice, beans, or baking marbles, then let it cook! Below is a picture of the cookies we made with the pie scraps, so you can get a good idea of the color your crust should be at the end of the blind bake. Check in again in two weeks to learn how to make an amazing filling!