Episode 3: Gourmet Pancakes

This week, we dive into another kind of pancakes: the genuinely home-made kind. Below is our recipe and, as always, pictures to follow along with! Let us know @monsterinmyso1 how they turned out for you!


2 cups flour

2 tblsp baking powder

2 eggs (cold)

2 cups milk (any kind of milk works!)

2 tblsp sugar (we used coconut sugar, as always, due to its lower glycemic index)

Salt (a pinch to a teaspoon—your choice)

3 second vanilla pour (as always)

1/4 cup dried cranberries (fresh fruit is always better, this is just what we had)

Bake in your heavy pan or skillet or griddle at 375 degrees until bubbles appear AND POP in the middle of your pancake. Then flip. Daniel says he waits about 35 seconds on the second side before he takes them off the griddle and serves them up warm! Enjoy!

NOTE: Always add your wet ingredients, then your dry! And it’s after you mix in all your flour that you can then add your extras: chocolate chips, fruit, etc.


These are our sifter and our whisk! Super important utensils for proper baking.


Our ingredients! Remember, your eggs can be cold for pancakes!

Adding to the sifter

Adding to the sifter. This can be messy, so it’s best to do it over your mixing bowl.



Adding the sugar and salt.

This is proof that we don’t have enough cranberries!


A quarter cup (1/4 cup) of batter is perfect for our medium-sized-pancakes. Once you feel confident making these, feel free to go bigger or smaller. They even make batter molds so you can make teddy bears or flowers.


The top pancake on the left has the perfect amount of bubbles! It’s time to flip!


The top left is the perfect color of brown and the bottom left is ready to flip!


The perfect cranberry pancakes!


Time to eat! Remember to tweet @monsterinmysto1 if you have any questions/comments/reccomendations! See you next time!