Episode 14: Spoopy Cake Pops!

October is my favorite month. Halloween is my favorite holiday. So, here we are to tell you how to make one of my favorite treats: Cake Pops! We have a special guest host: Dannie, who is here to help us. So let’s just dive right in!

Cake Pops are super easy, especially the way we make them.


1 fully baked cake (from scratch or a box, you choose!)

1 tub of frosting (we used about 1 cup of frosting—you can make it from scratch if you know how)

Candy melts (or ganache or white chocolate or whatever kind of coating you want)

Box cake mix and the necessary ingredients for it.

Box cake mix and the necessary ingredients for it.

While your cake is baking, assemble your tools. There are a lot of them, if you want there to be. I love piping bags and bowls, scoopers and toothpicks. YOU get to decide how intricate these will be, and your tools will reflect that. But here are the tools we used:


Once your cake is cooked, let it cool fully. Then grab a large bowl and wash your hands. Then take the cake, little by little, and grind it into a fine dust. You’ll then add about half your frosting (or all of it, if you’re using the one cup of homemade yummy) and mix it into the powdered cake, using your hands or a spoon, like Daniel did.

Once you have your cake mixture to just about a Play-Doh texture, scoop it out into small balls ( a half inch in diameter is about the right size) and lay them out on wax paper. Shape some to look a bit lumpy at the ends, if you want to decorate ghosts, like we did. Begin melting your candy melts until they reach a runny consistency, as seen in the picture below.

As you melt your candy melts, or make your ganache, etc, set your cake pops in the fridge to cool. Once they’re cool, us a tiny bit of your candy melt goop to help stick the cake pop sticks in and keep them in place.

Once they’re cool, it’s time to decorate! You can decorate however you like, but we made pumpkins, ghosts, cauldrons, and eyeballs. You can try dipping your cake pops, rolling them in the candy melts, or spooning the coating over them; whichever seems to fit your abilities. No one really judges on the construction, after all.

Allow your first coat to harden, before you decorate with a different color. Once you’re done decorating, you’re done with your Cake Pops! They’re ready to serve to all your guests at your next Halloween party!

So how did you do? Let us know by emailing us or contacting us on Twitter! And if you want to see more of what Dannie can do, check her out on Instagram ks_jellyfish_princess or on Twitter: @DannieDanimals