Whitney, Mike, Daniel, Cole and Gabi get ready to play Betrayal at House on the Hill.




Gabi is the mastermind behind the Monster in My Stomach products, and also the podcasts’ editor. She’s an extreme pop culture nerd who cut her teeth playing Hero Quest and retro video games, before they became retro. She’s a cat-loving liberal activist who doesn’t hesitate to fight for the rights of her LGBTQ+ community. She’s happily married to Daniel, who puts up with her Harry Potter and creation obsessions. She’s a firm believer that “All Knowledge is Worth Having”.

Favorite Board Game:

Castles of Mad King Ludwig


Daniel self-identifies as a huge science nerd, professing love of all things Tessla. He adores his four cats, whom he owns with his wife, Gabi. He began playing board games with Hero Quest and Monopoly and progressed onto Magic the Gathering and AD&D. He claims his gateway drug into the gaming world was The Legend of Zelda on the NES and he’s still a huge fan of video games today. He’s a liberal and ally, and the creator and illustrator of the Monster in My Stomach comics. He loves sleeping above all things.

Favorite Board Game:

Eldritch Horror



Mike is the social media guru of Monster in My Stomach and the local smartass and punster. He was a latecomer to gaming and, once introduced, devoured every 3.5 D&D book ever written. He claims he’s a halfling rogue in real life and logged over 200 hours on Oblivion in order to complete Every. Single. Sidequest. He’s willing to be your friend for a small fee! Just shoot him some money!

Favorite Board Game:

Betrayal at House on the Hill



Cole grew up behind a comic book store: Pulp Fiction Comics and found his way into nerd culture, there. He quickly became the shop kid and found himself in a world of acceptance. It was as an adult, through Mike, that he found gaming, but he’s found his left-of-liberal identity on his own. He declares he’s the group’s Pun Princess and, while he claims he wants to be called “Coop”, he really thinks it’s weird. He loves Pokemon and started his plushie collection at six years old.

Favorite Board Game:

Small World


Whitney is just an incredible person, who strives to bring equality and joy to everyone around her. She came to gaming late in life, though the friendly “peer pressure” of all those listed above. She identifies as an intersectional feminist who is a casual design nerd with an emphasis on print design and interiors. Fun fact: She created our logo! She’s the mom of a smart, funny toddler. Her “biggest flaw” is that she’s a completionist, but no one really holds that against her.

Favorite Board Game:

Ticket to Ride